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Hello, I'm
Dwicky Pramudita


  • Name : Dwicky Pramudita
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Phone : 081327665833
  • Date of birth : 31-05-1994
  • Address : Kawunganten Cilacap
  • Nationality : Indonesia


Hello, Welcome to my personal website. My name Dwicky Pramudita. I’m work as Web Developer especially as Back-End Developer from Cilacap, Indonesia.


i'm an IT graduate from Duta Wacana Christian University. Proficient in programming and user interface design. Familiar with various programming languages. I also experience working in projects such as the development of desktop applications, mobile and web with ability to work individually or in team. I’m an hard working, flexible, honest, focused, trustworthy and willing to work in a changing and challenging environment. I’m a friendly person, I work well in a team but also on my own as I like to set myself goals which I will achieve. I am well organized and always plan ahead to make sure I manage my time well.


Church Website

I offer Christian Church Website building services to support the service. The system is also available in android apps.

Company Profile

I offer the services of making a classy company profile that can reflect your company. Because the quality design will add a good image in the eyes of prospective customers and investors.

Personal Website

I offer personal website creation services with complete features, cheap, easy to use,



While studying at university and working in a company I studied several programming languages. I use these programming language to make mobile, desktop or website applications.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JS
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • .Net
  • C / C++
  • Java


In the process of making an application or other work requires a tool or supporting application. The following is a list of applications that I normally use.

  • Photoshop
  • Android Studio
  • Visual Studio
  • DevC++
  • Sublime
  • NetBean


PT. AJ. Central Asia Raya


October - 2019 To Present
Programmer with jobs description like manage new software development. Tools : Angular + Java Spring
PT. Travellin Nusantara Raya

Android & Web Developer

October - 2018 To September - 2019
Membuat aplikasi android bernama Travellin dengan menggunakan Android Studio dan membuat modul e-commerce dengan menggunakan CakePHP 3.
PT. JagoKerja Indonesia

Web Developer

September - 2017 To Present
Menjadi salah satu pendiri dan membuat sistem backend dengan menggunakan CakePHP 3.
CV Tyfons Solution

Web Developer

August - 2016 To September - 2018
Web Developer with jobs description like manage, design, build and maintain web based system namely Clinictronic's Information System and and Ramasakti Tour and Travel. Responsible for managing many things such as records sales and purchase order, accounts, customer, employee, user and warehouse management and some other things. Worked with CakePHP 3.0, JQuery and MySql.


Senior High School 1 Cilacap

Senior High School

2009 To 2012
I am studying in SMA Negeri 1 Cilacap for 3 years. I majored in Social Sciences.
Duta Wacana Christian University


2012 To 2016
i'm an IT graduate from Duta Wacana Christian University. Proficient in programming and user interface design. Familiar with various programming languages such as such as C / C++, Java, VB.NET, PHP, HTML, SQL and JavaScript.. I also experience working in projects such as the development of desktop applications, mobile and web.

What People Say About Me

Ardhinov Jagis Theogarfokk

Founder & CEO PT. Cetta Bumi

" We, PT Cetta Bumi, know Dwicky as an IT professional. We worked together to build our company's web and email system solutions. as a consultant, he is very solutive and able to build good communication with us as the users. We highly recommend Dwicky as a partner in finding IT solutions. "
Pdt. Dwi Eko Abriwijono

Pendeta GKJ Kawunganten

" Sudah beberapa saat layanan website GKJ Kawunganten ditangani oleh Dwicky Pramudita. Dia sangat memahami apa yang kami butuhkan. Selamat dan maju terus. "
Yustinus Arjuna Purnama Putra

Software Engineer at Tokopedia

" Dwicky is great peer of working. We've ever worked together in the same project and he would finish his task as fast as possible. He also ambitious to learn new things from scratch. "
Yosia Adi Jaya

Software Engineer in Tokopedia

" Dwicky and I often attend same classes during our study in university. We also often work in the same team. I think he is one of the most diligent student in the class. His score is good and usually above the class score average. He is not only good in theory, but also in practice. He is good in both user interface designing and programming, so he is suitable as both frontend and backend engineer. "
Feri Gideon Dwiputera

Software Engineer in Tokopedia

" I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Dwicky Pramudita on some projects. He is one of the dilligent and creative web developer. One of the main qualities that Dwicky brings to the projects he's pay attention in detail. "
Michael Abadi Santoso

iOS Engineer at Eko Communications

" He is one of the best learner and also hard working developer i have ever met. I really happy to meet n know him. One of best developer in university. "
Tjandrayana Setiawan

Software Engineer in Tokopedia

" Dwicky is a good friend. My experience working with him was incredible. He is a fast learner, hardworking and easy to work in teams. He is always open to criticism or advice. I'm happy to work with him again. "


My portfolio features a variety of projects and services

When I study at a university, work in a company and become a freelancer, I successfully complete tasks and projects such as websites, mobile and desktop applications. The following is a list of applications I've made so far.


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Dwicky Pramudita
Kawunganten Cilacap

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